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Chapter A BGP tutorial on site

BGP tutorial can be downloaded(in pdf), but also read on site.

Download it here or plz browse it on the site.

Chapter A is published. It  highlights various global notions on BGP, which are a necessity to understand. This is in order to be able to design and configure the network described in this study case, which aims to deliver IP transit services to customer, and uses multihoming connectivity to several ISPs.

The general points of BGP in this chapter are related to a way of thinking within an ISP environment. People can overview it, but it is recommended to read it accurately if they do not practice BGP administration every day.

The notions described :

  • peering agreements
  • BGP attribute
    • local preference
    • bgp communities
    • as-prepend
  • Next-hop
  • ebgp loop prevention and ibgp loop prevention
  • recursive lookup mechanism
  • BGP most used commands line (cisco)
  • BGP basic multihoming template

Contents Chapter BGP tutorial on site.

BGP tutorial can be downloaded(in pdf), but also read on site.

Introduction chapter is published. It introduces the design of the network and its topology for the study case.

You will find diagrams on the BGP and Static design; the traffic engineering targeted configuration, and a listing of IP-addresses and interfaces used.

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Tutorial link download : BGP Tutorial Practices and Multihoming techniques_IP transit services

Tutorial can be downloaded.

Ok , the site proposes only 1 tutorial or publication for now.

It is free (no way to gain something, knowledge is meant to be share)

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The publications has been reviewed by some friends and others relations who are skilled in routing processes. I would like to thank them all, for their help beacuse their time was restrcited and even so they spared for this inititaitve.

BGP Tutorial Practices and Multihoming techniques_IP transit services_0.92.

Site in restructuration

  • Hard time with end of year.
  • Site is going on but tutorial section has not been completely done.
  • However u can download the file in pdf.

Credits and references page is coming soon too.

My First BGP written document

  • Part of my teenager life passed-up through the 1st Internet revolution (in 1997, with AltaVista, Yahoo, etc.), and as far as I am concerned, the Internet has changed our way of life and impacts everything everyday.
    Even my country which is Djibouti (“horn of the East-Africa”), Internet was already provided since 1996, and began to invest in submarine cable infrastructure for planning to position itself later as a regional Internet hub.BGP mechanisms allow us to understand deeply how the Internet works at a technical view.
  • As a result, my first concern about writing this document is to share my knowledge of BGP that I have, and received from others BGP operators and experts.The document does not have the pretension to propose the best and accurate text, but only makes part so far, of my work, and invites other people to share their view and their understanding.