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New BGP material in preparation : “Speedtest cares about BGP”


I am lucky to work in an ISP field, and of course, many of my friends who are not familiar with the Internet design, always ask me every time : why my Internet is slow, why the speedtest results are lying, why, why, and why …
Every time I am trying to explain it with the best intentions, but in the end it exhausts me mentally…

However Internet speedtests can have important place in our everyday life (yeah I am not joking lol), but also in the economic development of the ICTs(and again, yeah, I am not joking), since many rankings and studies are based on these results.

However, how far these speedtests are accurate and how should we interpret the results?
We know that BGP is an algorithm based mainly on shortest as-path. It does not care primary about bandwidth provisions that is why we are brought to setup traffic engineering processes.

On the other hand, speedtests just give you numbers related to your ping and bandwidth, but do not care at all about the shortest-as-path. We know all that the nearest geographical location or a good ping do not mean the best path, even worse.

Well I think there is some interesting substance to work in there. I hope to finish this new material soon.

If someone wants to participate, just contact me, you are welcome.


Still alive and thx 4 all

Ok, it has  been a long time that i did not update the blog (annoying work, the change gives a break sigh).

First even if it is late, happy new year 2014 to everyone.

There are bad years, and legendary bad years. I hope that 2014 will be the contrary …    

Anyway i am quite satisfied, of the number of visits, it seems that my tutorial could help some visitors.
I still have questions from visitors too …
These questions are really helpfull, it helps to improve the material, and soon i will be up to release an improved version, with more detail where it was lacking.

Thx for your support.

BGP search topics

I was looking on the stats of the blogs, it seems that some specific subjects are searched by readers. I will try to make specific posts on these topics, since the aim is to allow readers to find quickly the researched subject and not be obliged to run all the website or the tutorial of 110 pages.

Chapter B BGP tutorial on site

BGP tutorial can be downloaded(in pdf), but also read on site.

Ok, it took me a while to publish ChapterB.

Chapter B aims directly to the configuration of the study-case. To summarize, ChapterB targets the design directly and its configuration.
Ebgp and Ibgp configurations are described and deeply explained. Peering agreements and multihoming are enlightened in a practical way.

As a reminder, the study-case has for for goal to give a demonstration on how to use BGP and understand it in a world of interconnected ISPs. The contents describe practices and techniques about an ISP customer who:

  • buys IP transit connectivity from different ISPs.
  • needs to implement a load-balancing process.
  • inserts redundancy and multihoming options for the Internet provision in case of link failure. 

Do not worry, u will find more than a template or configuration, each command line, and choice of the structure is described in an exhaustive way. Many diagrams are also present in order to understand why and how the traffic engineering has been built.

The notions described :

  • peering agreements
  • BGP traffic engineering tools
    • local preference
    • bgp communities
    • as-prepend
  • Ebgp
  • Ibgp
  • network aggregation
  • EBGP and IBGP (cisco) multihoming template

Thx for visit and need of reviews or critics

At least, the site was not updated since 3 weeks, lot of silly works issues and health troubles.

By the way i am seeing that the site got visitors, i am glad for that, and if people want to contribute with some articles or critics, it is welcomed.

BGP is a very specific topic on networking, i am trying to give through my tutorial a simple approach but also a practical example, which allow to work on it directly within an ISP.

Not an easy task, some readers will find the article nice, others too simple.

Well whatever it is, please send me critics by mail.

Thx a lot

!!! Happy New Year 2013 !!!


Tutorial link download : BGP Tutorial Practices and Multihoming techniques_IP transit services

Tutorial can be downloaded.

Ok , the site proposes only 1 tutorial or publication for now.

It is free (no way to gain something, knowledge is meant to be share)

Plz feel free to send comments or critics (see contact page)

The publications has been reviewed by some friends and others relations who are skilled in routing processes. I would like to thank them all, for their help beacuse their time was restrcited and even so they spared for this inititaitve.

BGP Tutorial Practices and Multihoming techniques_IP transit services_0.92.