NetworkTalk & BGP

C.2.e) “Show ip bgp prefix” and “Show ip route prefix”

1. These two commands are convenient in two ways :

a. 1st it allows to know which is the best default-path to join a prefix or a network on internet.
For instance below, we can see that prefix is learned through 3 paths because RT-B has 2 Ebgp speakers and 1 Ibgp neighbor : the best path is the one of ISP-B of course(localpref100)

Log C-2e-1

b. 2nd reason is that it displays you how your network are advertised and known by your peers.

Log C-2e-2

2. These 2 commands can give accurate information, but still we cannot get the communities values. It is important to try these commands many times on specific networks or destinations in order to debug preferred paths.


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