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C.1) Observations /commentaries of the results and the redundancy scenarios.

C.1) Observations and commentaries of the results and the redundancy scenarios.

As a reminder, in the previous chapter, we tried to build the following configuration(click on links below), in order to respect the following traffic engineering requirement:

Regarding the egress/outbound traffic for each zone, results are in accordance with the paragraph B.1.b).

Now that the configuration has been defined and implemented, it is interesting to make some tests by cutting some Ebgp speakers voluntarily, and observe if the ingress/inbound traffic for the customers is flowing accordingly to our redundancy scenarios that we defined previously.

In this chapter, we will emphasis on Zone-D_E download/ingress traffic. For easiness and visibility, the following figures will highlight only the prefix-C of Zone-D-E:

Table C-1

Chapter C : Analyze of the BGP configurations, tests and monitoring results of the multihoming and traffic engineering setup


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