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BGP Tutorial : Practices and Multihoming techniques, regarding an ISP proposing IP transit services.

First of all , if you are busy and do not like to read many webpages, you can get the tutorial (PDF file) in the download section, which is generally the last version.

The objective of the tutorial is to show a practical example of some BGP best practices with multihoming techniques for a Tier3-4 ISP which desires to proposes IP Transit services. The study implies the use of load-balancing, communities, and active/passive backup configurations.
For these topics, many notions related to BGP will be aborted and explained in details such as peering agreements, next-hop, choice of tools for traffic engineering, basic template connectivity for Ebgp and Ibgp setup, debug/verification commands, monitoring processes and analyzes of results, etc.

Below you can have an overview of the study case(plz click on the gallery to zoom in and full size, or go in media galerie):
Figure I.1: BGP & Static topology of study case, regarding Internet transit connectivity and provisions.
Figure I.2 : Traffic Engineering targeted configuration

The contents describe practices and techniques about an ISP customer who:

  • buys IP transit connectivity from different ISPs.
  • needs to implement a load-balancing process.
  • inserts redundancy and multihoming options for the Internet provision in case of link failure.

This document is destined to readers who have a reasonable background in corporate and Internet networking, but are not experts in BGP or backbone Internet routing architectures.
The target audience for this text concerns mainly networks administrators and engineers who wish to get a familiarization with BGP, in an applicable way, on how to process IP transit connectivity. The aim is to give a demonstration on how to use BGP and understand it in a world of interconnected ISPs.

You will not find all the knowledge about BGP, only the essentials on what is necessary to the purposes described above.

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