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New BGP material in preparation : “Speedtest cares about BGP”


I am lucky to work in an ISP field, and of course, many of my friends who are not familiar with the Internet design, always ask me every time : why my Internet is slow, why the speedtest results are lying, why, why, and why …
Every time I am trying to explain it with the best intentions, but in the end it exhausts me mentally…

However Internet speedtests can have important place in our everyday life (yeah I am not joking lol), but also in the economic development of the ICTs(and again, yeah, I am not joking), since many rankings and studies are based on these results.

However, how far these speedtests are accurate and how should we interpret the results?
We know that BGP is an algorithm based mainly on shortest as-path. It does not care primary about bandwidth provisions that is why we are brought to setup traffic engineering processes.

On the other hand, speedtests just give you numbers related to your ping and bandwidth, but do not care at all about the shortest-as-path. We know all that the nearest geographical location or a good ping do not mean the best path, even worse.

Well I think there is some interesting substance to work in there. I hope to finish this new material soon.

If someone wants to participate, just contact me, you are welcome.