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BGP loop prevention mechanisms

For visitors or readers looking for information on BGP loop prevention, and does not want to read all the complete tutorial, i will point them to these parts of the tutorial.

For BGP loop prevention within an AS, or Ibgp loop prevention based on Split-horizon mechanisms, plz read the following pages :

For BGP loop prevention between different ASs, or ISPs, which is a very important notion to understand when u are confronted to build a network with multihoming, redundancy and link failure options, plz read the following pages. As-path attribute allow ebgp loop prevention.

However the concept of BGP loop between ISPs or different ASs is very tricky since this is not something that you can experience in your own network. You will be more likely victim of it, particularly if your traffic engineering redundancy case has not been fully tested. I will even say that ebgp loop prevention is mainly related to peering agreements betweens ISPs.

This is deeply explained though the tutorial, but the four following sections are sufficient to make a clear outlook.

1)Presentation of the network implemented through the study-case

2) Peering agreement between the upstream/transit providers

3) Ebgp loop prevention mechanism based on as-path attribute

4) Observations and commentaries of the results and the redundancy scenarios.