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Chapter B BGP tutorial on site

BGP tutorial can be downloaded(in pdf), but also read on site.

Ok, it took me a while to publish ChapterB.

Chapter B aims directly to the configuration of the study-case. To summarize, ChapterB targets the design directly and its configuration.
Ebgp and Ibgp configurations are described and deeply explained. Peering agreements and multihoming are enlightened in a practical way.

As a reminder, the study-case has for for goal to give a demonstration on how to use BGP and understand it in a world of interconnected ISPs. The contents describe practices and techniques about an ISP customer who:

  • buys IP transit connectivity from different ISPs.
  • needs to implement a load-balancing process.
  • inserts redundancy and multihoming options for the Internet provision in case of link failure. 

Do not worry, u will find more than a template or configuration, each command line, and choice of the structure is described in an exhaustive way. Many diagrams are also present in order to understand why and how the traffic engineering has been built.

The notions described :

  • peering agreements
  • BGP traffic engineering tools
    • local preference
    • bgp communities
    • as-prepend
  • Ebgp
  • Ibgp
  • network aggregation
  • EBGP and IBGP (cisco) multihoming template